SOLO - Simple Online Lunch Ordering - Testimonials

Since we began using SOLOlunch, we have reduced the work required for the lunch program to approx 1-2 hours a term, making the job easy and streamlined. Parents love to have control and the ability to order online ... What a great program. I recommend it to everyone that runs a local school lunch program.
Gillian T.
Fun Lunch Coordinator/School Council Chair
Tecumseth South Public School

Our family uses dial-up Internet from our rural home, so I was concerned that an online ordering system might pose a problem. Once I logged onto, I could not believe how fast it was. My Grade 4 son ordered his lunches all by himself in just five minutes. A family summary makes record keeping and payment easy.
Kathy O.
Adjala Central Public School

My school agreed to be the test site for The students and parents found the program easy to use. The role to process the lunch orders changed dramatically since I started using it. What used to take me 20 hours per month can now be accomplished in under 2 hours. It takes just 10 minutes to process payments for one class. Reports that used to take me several hours to tabulate now just take minutes to print! The efficiency and ease of use of allows me the freedom to be able to co-ordinate the school hot lunch program and balance my family life and job. I recommend to any school for their hot lunch program.
Eileen O.
St. James School

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